Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Book Review No. 43 - The Witch's Book of Spirits by Devin Hunter

Welcome back to the blog. It's been a little bit, but I've got some work done outside of cyberspace, so that is exciting.
For this installation of Book Review Tuesday I finished "The Witch's Book of Spirits" by Devin Hunter. Let me first say this book is packed with a lot of material, and would serve as a good reference book. 
I read this more just out of curiosity. I do have a natural, and I think well-deserved, respect for contacting spirits. Hunter does a good job of explaining spirits, and their hierarchy. And Hunter makes a very good point saying that whatever religious predilection you have, all the spirits are connected, they just have different names. I thought that was important, and makes it a little easier for me to read. For some reason, maybe because I was raised in a cult-ish branch of Christianity, but I don't really connect with the terms of angles and demons. This has a weird vibe with me, and thinking of calling upon angles (or demons) to be my spiritual helpers doesn't sit well. Long rant, I know.
Each chapter is Hunter's book is well organized, but sometimes it is a little over my head. Hunter refers back to his previous work, so that may be a better place to start than picking this book up right away.  There are plenty of journal prompts to get you thinking, if you are into that sort of thing. Sometimes I am, and sometimes I'm not. I didn't do the prompts for this book, but I read through them, and I thought they did have merit if you were going to do a full study of spirit conjuring. 
Hunter also provides lots of exercises. How to meet your spirit guides, activating the etheric body, going to different planes, and much more. Lots of stuff on Sigils, tools of spiritual communication, rituals, Like I said, there is a lot of information in this book. 
I recommend for the beginner and intermediate, as this has so much stuff in it, I'm sure just about anyone interested in this work would find this useful. Honestly, it would take a long while to delve deep into this book, so be prepared to put some work in.
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