Thursday, August 17, 2017

Updates - What's been going on medically? Esophageal Manometry

Welcome, grab some tea and sit a spell. Let me start by saying this is an update post, so if you aren't interested in my on-going health-care issues and what not, you may want to just skip this.
It's been about 9 months since all of my medical issues have started, and I would love to say they finally figured out what is wrong with  me, but unfortunately that would be a lie. I think they are getting closure, so fingers crossed.
I've been plagued by months and months of stomach issues and chest pains. Like constant issues, like as soon as I wake up in the morning until I go to bed at night (and often it wakes me up) pain. After at least a dozen tests, one gallbladder removal, and at least 6 visits to the ER, I would like to think the Drs are close. But you lose faith when you've seen specialist after specialists, especially when one tells you to "Just live with it".
Symptoms: chronic stomach pain, chronic food and liquid regurgitation, chronic burping, chronic and constant atypical chest pain.
Can't eat any foods you love. Have to eat bland, soft foods. Do you know who are it is for a vegetarian not to eat salads and vegetables. Ugh its been a nightmare.
Finally, I think we are getting somewhere with this new Dr. Unfortunately, they are out of my  healthcare network, so we'll see how this is going to go.
I had an esophageal manometry test performed on Tuesday. IT WAS TERRIBLE. They shove a tube down your nose, about the size of fish-tank air tubing, and it has to go all the way down to your top stomach sphincter. The tube has a long line of sensors that measure muscle moment in your esophagus while you swallow. Even with the numbing gel, and the amazing nurse, that tube hurt going down. Once settled, and I stopped dry-heaving, it wasn't so bad. But getting the tube placed, well that was a real bitch. The test itself afterward wasn't anything, you do a series of swallows, and then you're done. It takes maybe 10-20 minutes, but those are some long minutes.
Now why did I have to suffer this test? Because with all these issues, they think my esophagus is fucked. The muscles aren't working right, probably because of nerve damage. Now how did I get nerve damage? Honestly, my husband and I think it was due to the severe allergic reaction I had to an antibiotic. 
So the lesson I want to share here is, take allergic reactions seriously, as they can have life-altering implications. Also, you have to take your own health into your hands. I think most of the Drs I've seen think I am crazy, but finally to have someone believe you, its worth it. Make a stand, don't be afraid to have them think you're crazy, you know your body better than anyone else. If you don't feel right, then you don't. And this is hard, but don't let you family try to talk you out of it either. I swear my husband thought I was overreacting at first, but now he knows how terrible this is. I am so lucky to have him beside me, but he even doubted at first. Have patience with your loved ones, but be insistent. 
OK, enough preaching for now. Just wanted to give a quick medical update. I do have some good news though. Since I am basically housebound, I finally finished a book I've been working on for years. That is exciting! I'll go further into it later, right now I'm waiting to have some readers get back to me with their thoughts.
Until next time,

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