Thursday, April 27, 2017

Book Review No. 35 - Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova

A huge hello from Texas! For the next several weeks, I am staying in lovely Round Rock with my hubby while he does training. We drove down in one day, which probably was a mistake, but it wasn't a bad 17 hours in the car. 

Since I have some time hanging out in the hotel room, I've been reading and writing, doing some tarot research, and just letting the muses take me. I've read a number of books on tarot, own more than I like to admit, but figured I can always learn something new so decided to read "Kitchen Table Tarot" by Melissa Cynova. 

I like this book, Cynova gets to the point and doesn't bemoan anyone doesn't necessarily want to do the spiritual acts that some people associate with tarot like cleansing, bonding and so on. I appreciate that, not everyone can sleep with cards next to their bed or spend hours bonding with a specific deck every week. 

This book is great for beginners, as it has the usual topics needed to review when first starting out. There are some basic spreads with explanations, how to's on doing a reading for yourself vs. someone else, the ethics of doing a reading, how to care for yourself and your tools (real world examples), and so much more. I found the ethics chapter especially useful for, as she brings up a lot of good information about your responsibility as a tarot card reader (to a client and yourself) and the expectations you and your client should have for a reading. 

The meat of the book is going through the tarot cards, breaking them down into their meanings (including reversals). Nothing terribly new here, but I've read many books so I wasn't expecting profound new insight. Cynova does share some new tidbits on a few cards. Overall well done, but like I said if you're intermediate and above reader this isn't anything surprising.

Great sections in the back of the book, like book recommendations for continuing your studies and what to do if your reading goes weird. Because let's face it, sometimes a tarot reading gets all crazy and how to proceed isn't clear at all.

Great introductory book, I like Cynova's writing style and her straightforward approach to the cards. Worth a read if you are a more advanced reader as well. you may pick up a few new things or think of something differently. Its always nice to get another perspective.

OK, I'm off to go sit in the sunshine and dip my feet into the hotel's pool. 
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