Saturday, February 18, 2017

Witch's Salt - What is and How to's with a DIY Black Salt Recipe

I was feeling particularity witchy the other day and decided so try my hand at a new recipe. After watching a plethora of YouTube videos on different salt types used in witchcraft, I wanted to go out a buy them all. And then I saw the price of some of these salts...yikes...they can get quite expensive.
There are many different types of salts, each having their own mineral content (usually dictating the color) and uses. Many of these salts also are used in gourmet cooking, so it can make finding them relatively easy. If you want to just go out and buy some, that is perfectly OK. I found volcanic black lava salt at Walmart for about $5.00 for 8-9 ounces. If you are a little more frugal or more hands on, then I want to share a easy and cheaper (if you have items on hand) way to get one type of salt: Black Salt.
Black Salt, also called Witch's Salt, can be used for several different things. Primarily, black salt is used for protection. This can be protection while spell casting, doing deity work or protecting your home and property. You can use it to drive away or banish negativity, binding work, releasing energies and so much more. It can also be used in "dark" workings like hexing, curses and such. 
How to Use Black Salt:
Here is just a small list of how to use black salt, remember it is your magic and you can use it how you see fit.
Home and Property Protection: Sprinkle charged salt around the property line. Sprinkle outside windowsills and doorways. Place in protection bags at entranceways and windows.
Personal Protection: Include in medicine bags, place a few granules in your shoes or place in locket. If you use a body-safe salt recipe, you could make a black salt body scrub or sprinkle in your bath water.
Removing Negativity: Sprinkle on floors, sage your home and self, sweep and vacuum up the salt to capture the negativity. Remove promptly from house. You may want to put the swept-up (or vacuumed) salt off your property or bury. Or flush down the sink with lots of water. You can also "cleanse" your altar with black salt, sprinkle some on your space and say a blessing. Gently sweep of the salt when you feel the negativity has been removed, dispose of accordingly. 

How to Make Black Salt:
Here is my recipe. You can make black salt a number of ways by using iron scrapings, ink, dye, charcoal, ashes or black pepper. How deep the black color will vary depending on method. Some of these may not be body-safe, so if you are planning on using the salt for these type of activities you want to make sure its ingredients are safe (like this recipe).
You need: 
  White salt - this can be table salt, sea salt or Epsom salt even. The coarseness of the salt is up to you, fine or coarse work the same
Activated Charcoal - I got tablets online for cheap
A bottle with a lid
Bowl, measuring cup, funnel and spoon
If you want to fill your container all the way to the top, the easiest way to determine how much salt you need is to fill it with the plain white salt first to get the volume of the bottle.
Next, measure how much salt that is using measuring cups or spoons. Pour the salt into a bowl. I wanted a nice dark black, so I added 5 tablets of charcoal to 1/2 cup a salt. Using this, you can double or halve the ratio accordingly. 
1/4 cup salt = 2-3 tablets of activated charcoal
1/2 cup salt = 4-5 tablets of activated charcoal
1 cup salt = 8-10 tablets of activated charcoal
Stir the salt and charcoal together. This is a great time to put your intentions into the salt. Use whatever words or symbols you like from your practice. I make sure to ask the Goddess and God for their protection and thank them for their guidance. 
When you are done, get your funnel (I used the old rolled up piece of paper trick) and pour into your container. I like using glass because I can see the salt inside. You can used whatever you find handy.
Admire your beautiful Witch's Salt. Isn't is so lovely! 
Now put it to work!
 Hope you found this recipe useful, I would love to see some pictures or for you to share your own black salt recipe with me.
Until next time,

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