Thursday, January 26, 2017

Health and Happiness - Trying Not To Lose My Damn Mind

Hello dears and darlings, love and lovers. This is going to to be a little update post. Mostly this is going to start out as a rant, but believe me it does have a way of coming back around.

So, I've been a relatively healthy person most of my life. No major catastrophes, nothing needing hospitalization, mostly just the run of the mill illnesses treated with OTC meds or the occasional prescription.

Unfortunately, I've not been so lucky the last few months. In December, what started out as mild infection turned into a visit to a Urgent care, then the ER on Christmas Eve, and then back to my regular Dr. for two more visits. All because of an allergic reaction to sulfadrug antibiotic I've been on before.

Now, in the past week I've been treated for a stomach ulcer (more investigation pending) and gotten stitches. Unrelated events, but making a trip to the Dr., and then the ER, and then Urgent care within 5 days is just too much. I was honestly at the point of laughing and crying at the same time because of the absurdity of it.
And then...I had a realization. I've been in a slump, a terrible slump where I've not wanted to do anything. The grief of the loss of my beloved pet and my continuing health issues have kept me locked away. I've set aside my joys, my loves, my fires.

I've contemplated the saying "Health and Happiness", and the truth in those words. What do we set aside when we are not in good health, does this push us away from happiness? 

In my case, I've found that I have pushed away my happiness and things that make me happy to be in this dark place. I've wallowed in this "Oh Why Me's". It is healthy to recognizing that some things are just plain shitty. It is not healthy to brush things away and move on without accepting these situations happened.
But now it is up to me, to not let these obstacles pull me under. Not to let my situation steal my happiness, and ultimately my health. I won't let it take away my damn sparkle! And neither should you. Let's do this together, let's give it the big middle finger and hold our heads high. 

As I type with stitches in my hand and a stomach full of hell, I want you to know we can do this together. We are strong, we are not our situation. We can reclaim our happiness. 

OK, enough of a rant. I just needed an affirmation today.
 Hope you have a fantastic day, keep your head up!
Until next time,

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