Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Book Review No. 27 - The Perfect Horse by Elizabeth Letts

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In another installment of my book reviews, I want to discuss this fantastic book "The Perfect Horse" by Elizabeth Letts. This book is a non-fiction account of how several warring groups came together to save a collection of pure blood horses right in the midst of WWII. This is a real-life story of heroes and villains on both sides of the battlefield. 

Letts does a great job giving the back story of the main characters of the plot (man and horse alike). She provides enough information about their histories to show how they got caught up in the war, their struggles and triumphs trying to survive, and their roles in the daring plans to move these horses over dangerous miles, sometimes right war-strewn lands. The main breeds in the book are the beautiful Lippanzzer, Arabians and sturdy Russian breeds. These horses not only were important to their handlers and keepers, but also provided strong national pride.
Lippanzzer and foal
I do enjoy a good WWII novel, there are countless stories in that war of the strength of humanity. This is just not a book about horses, but about their place in the human heart. I grew to admire these people, their strength and their love for their companions. Horses played vital roles throughout much of human history, we built many of our great civilizations with their labor. This book just touches upon the importance of our connection with our animal compaions. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in WWII history, someone who loves horses, or if you just enjoy a good human story.
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