Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Book Review No. 28 - The Book of the Unnamed Midwife by Meg Elison

Ciao, welcome! Are you all enjoying the autumn weather (or spring, depending on where you are in the world)? I have to say, that yes I am. I will miss the hot summer, with its long days providing what seems like endless hours to get things done. But, autumn is my favorite season.The smell alone is magical.
The book this week was amazing. I read this in about 3 days, I  just couldn't put it down. I love post-apocalyptic stories and this one did not disappoint. "The Book of the Unnamed Midwife" by Meg Elison is a great read. I stayed up way past my bedtime, but I just couldn't wait to see that was next.

Without giving too much away, this book takes place in modern times. There is an unknown illness killing women and men with great speed. Women are more susceptible, especially if they are pregnant or ready to give birth. None of the infants survive. The unnamed midwife survives the infection, but the world is forever changed. She sets out in a new world, wrought with all sorts of dangers and unknowns. Elison crafts a fantastic story. As a reader I felt connected to the main characters and their struggles. 
This book is told in a mixture of journal entries and narratives. Its very well done, and a real "page-turner". If you are a fan of end-of-world stories, I highly recommend. Do you like The Book of Eli, I am Legend, Walking Dead sort of things, than this is for you. Of course it is brutal, and I would definitely say not for the squeamish, but it is so good. This is not a cheery book, lots of death and struggle, so if you tend towards more uplifting reads I think you should pass.
Now off to pick my next book. Do any of you sometimes have a hard time finding another book to read after finishing a really good one?
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