Sunday, October 9, 2016

New Challenge - 78 Weeks of Tarot

Hello handsome ladies and gents!
I came across this little exercise while perusing the Aeclectic Tarot Forums, a 78 week self-guided study of the tarot cards. I know what you are thinking, that's like a year and a half worth of studying! Oh but what you will learn in that year and a half, all the beauties and complexities of the tarot that will reveal itself.
Now this is probably going to be hard, and I image there is going to some weeks of struggle. I know sometimes it doesn't seem like I have 5 extra minutes in a month let alone making time to study for a whole week, but I think it will be a worth-while exercise. Great thing about it being self-guided, you can take your time. Maybe you have to take a break, go ahead. Maybe 1 card a week isn't your style and you want to go faster/slower, right on! This is a go at your own pace sort of thing. But I am going to try and stick to one card a week for 78 weeks.
Now the hard part, at least for me, is do I start with the Majors or go with the Minors first. Since I am not starting this until next week, it gives me sometime to decided. I am leaning towards the minors, but then what suite? Maybe one of my weaker suits like swords or wands.
You are probably going to want to get a journal for this or set up your own blog (if you do, let me know I would love to read it!). You need someplace to keep a record of your journey and what each card means and what revelations occur.  
Once you decide where you are going to start, what to do next. What am I actually going to study for the week?
I am going to look at the colors of each card, the symbolism, how each character is positions and the movement in each card. I am plan on also comparing the cards of my decks, to see how the artists interpreted the meaning of each. 
Now that you get the drift, go set up your journal/blog and dust off those cards in preparations for next week. We start this Fool's journey and I think it is going to an adventure indeed!
Until next time,

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