Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tarot Tales: The Basics - The Suits

Welcome back! Now that you are familiar with your deck we are going to delve a little deeper.
Let's explore the FOUR suits of the Minor Arcana.
Each suit has its own personality, it represents a different aspect of life, our spiritual and material beings.

The suit of Cups represent EMOTIONS: these cards deal with how we feel and how our cascade of emotions influence life. Cups correspond with the element of WATER, which makes total sense. Humans are emotional creatures, these emotions flow like water, sometimes they are deep and quiet and other times our emotions can rage like the rapids. Usual matters that deal with the heart, how we love and who we love, how we feel about this love and the path it takes are shown in the cup cards.


The suit of Wands represents AMBITIONS: these cards deal with what we strive for, what we want, what drives us and fuels our actions. What are our passions, our creative goals, our will. Wands correspond with the element of FIRE. Wands appear when creative endeavors are involved, perhaps regarding work or wanting to reach a goal like finishing school.


The suit of Swords represents INTELLECT: these cards deal with our ability to reason, decisions making, changes. This is a suit of action or inaction, what path are you going to take our are you going to let someone make the choice for you. Swords correspond with the element of AIR. Swords appear when some sort of action is required, or perhaps you are avoiding to take action, but some sort of intellectual decision is involved.  


The suit if Pentacles represents MATERIAL GOODS: these cards deal with material items including money, property and our actual corporeal body or health. What is tangible, things that can be touched and felt. Pentacles correspond with the element of EARTH. Pentacles appear when a physical item needs attention or is influence your life in some way, whether this be your health or perhaps something concerning money is trying to get your attention.

I hope this helps make sense of the four suits. Take time to associate each suit with its overall influence, with that in mind take a look at each card in that suit and see how that is represented in the card, how is it manifested in the drawing, what elements of the cards reminds you of that influence.
Until next time, stay in love and in light,
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