Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tarot Tales: The Basics - Trends in the Minor Arcana

Now that you have a handle on the different types of cards in the Minor Arcana, I want to talk about the trends across the suits. 
The wonderful thing about tarot is that it's an evolving journey. After getting the basics down for the cards they can take on new, more personal meanings. I do recommend getting the basics down, that way you can start working with the cards and really getting to know them.
Here is a quick list of each Minor Arcana card type and an overall theme they represent in each suit. Now remember, each suit deals with different aspects of life so adjust accordingly. 
Aces - beginnings, new things are starting, excitement
Twos - making plans, mapping out paths, patience
Threes -stepping out, taking first steps towards something, loyalty
Fours - stability, consistency, possible stagnation
Fives - halfway there, hardships, doubts, perseverance, control
Sixes - journey, departure, change, coming to terms
Sevens - surprises, temptations, desires
Eights - acceptance, boundaries, limitations
Nines - isolation, end in sight, keep on track, anticipation
Tens - completion, final stages, reaching goals
Court Cards
Pages - youthfulness, open to learning, naivety
Knights - convictions, headstrong, energetic
Queens - female figure, teacher, compassion, mother
Kings -  male figure, maturity, reaching completion, finality
I hope this is helpful list to get you started working with tarot!
Until next time, stay in love and in light,
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