Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Book Review Tuesday No. 2

This week I am reviewing three books by Authoress Sally Gunning.

These books, although each their own stories, center around the same group of individuals. The books in this series so far are The Widow's War, Bound, and The Rebellion of Jane Clarke.

I enjoy these books because of the historical content, the believable characters, and the rich stories. All three books are set around the time of the Revolutionary war in the Cape Cod region.

The first novel, The Widow's War,  introduces Lyddie, the wife of a whaler, and the turmoil and hardships that ensue upon his death. The role of a woman, who owns no property in her own right, comes into question as her son-in-law attempts to make decisions for her against her wants. This adds strain to her family and relationships, and her status in the small town.

The second book, Bound, is centered on Alice. Alice is an indentured servant, who has run away from an cruel master to find work and shelter at Lyddie's small home. When an unfortunate death leaves Alice's involvement in question, a trial and the aftermath of her decisions change her life and those closest to her forever.

And the third book, The Rebellion of Jane Clarke, the story is about Jane, Lyddie's granddaughter. When Jane goes to Boston, after refusing to marry the man her father wants, the chaos and thrill of the impending revolution whips Jane into the fray.

All three books are excellent, revealed from the perspective of all three women and how their lives were shaped by men, and how they find the courage to make and follow their own destinies. Sally Gunnings' writing is excellent, her characters rich and complex, and human. I highly recommend all three.

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