Sunday, May 21, 2017

Book Review No. 38 - Mr. Rochester by Sarah Shoemaker

Welcome back. This week I am welcoming the warmer weather and rainy days. Something about rainy days, where there is a slow drizzle, makes me happy.
While listening to the pitter-patter on the windows, I finished this fantastic book "Mr. Rochester" by Sarah Shoemaker. This is a great companion book to the ultimate romance (well one of them in my opinion) "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë. I first read "Jane Eyre" in high school, and fell in love with the characters and moody, Gothic story. Shoemaker expands upon this world by providing Edward Rochester's tale.
 I  don't want to give too much away, but I think Shoemaker provides and interesting take on Rochester's actions. In her book, he isn't necessarily this cold, sharp man that one gets to know in "Jane Eyre". Rochester is a complex character, getting his perspective and his backstory fill in some gaps and although I already loved him as a character, he became more endearing to me after reading this book. Shoemaker writes very well, and she submerges you into this time period. Some historical novels can get a little heavy handed with descriptive, which I don't necessarily dislike, but this novel provides enough detail without overdoing it. 
I highly recommend "Mr. Rochester" if you like historical fiction, romance, and Gothic genres. Now, if you haven't read "Jane Eyre", you should really read that first. Do yourself a favor and read that book, it is fantastic and one of the classics. Afterward, when you are wanting more to the story, read Shoemaker's "Mr. Rochester". You won't judge Mr. Rochester so harshly. 
Until next time, loves, please enjoy the little things,

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