Friday, May 12, 2017

Book Review No. 37 - The Witch's Cauldron by Laura Tempest Zakroff

Welcome back! I've another great book to review. I know I call these "Book Review Tuesdays" and most of these are no longer posted on Tuesdays. Maybe I will get back to being more consistent soon...but until then...I hope you enjoy!
Have you ever wanted to know more about the witch's cauldron, that symbol so deeply associated with witchery? I highly recommend Laura Tempest Zakroff's book "The Witch's Cauldron". She did a masterful job covering so many aspects of the magical vessel, this is a great reference book as well as enjoyable to read.
The book is broken down into sections, each covering a specific aspect of the cauldron. Zakroff explores the history and myths of the vessel. This portion of the book is an anthropological study of the cauldron, and probably my favorite part. I thoroughly enjoyed the cultural history and inspection of the cooking pot to how it is seen today.
Then Zakroff goes through the basics of cauldrons, the materials they are made from and how to pick (or make) your own. Once you've picked your favorite vessel, she discusses how to use it. This is very useful for beginners and time-tested witches alike (I think its great to get a different perspective on magical tool use). Next, Zakroff has a section of spellcrafting and work with the cauldron, with a dew lovely spells included. She also goes into using the cauldron as a divinitory tool.
This is a fantastic book, an in depth exploration of the simple black pot. Zakroff writes for the novice, so it is easy to follow but this doesn't mean it is "light" reading. Anyone with an interest about this magical took will find this book useful and entertaining. I learned a lot about the cauldron, I look forward to reading more of Zakroff's work. 
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