Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Book Review No. 15 - Arc of the Goddess by Rachel Patterson and Tracey Roberts

I recently read this handy book that takes you through a year's worth of goddess worship. Arc of the Goddess by Rachel Patterson and Tracey Roberts is a nice way to introduce yourself to a different selection of goddesses from several different traditions. 

Each month introduces the reader to 9 goddesses, and there is a list of festivals centered around gods and goddesses for the month. I found this really interesting, as many of the goddesses I knew very little about and I liked reading about all the different celebrations. The writers also have a monthly meditation to preform, a "beauty" ritual, and a list of monthly stone and essential oil correspondences. 

I think this book would be a great way to do a yearly course in goddess work, and a way to introduce yourself to different cultural celebrations. The only drawback I see of this book is at times it gets a little redundant, repeating some of the same things every month. Now I read this book all at once, so if you only read the corresponding chapter for the month during that time, the repetitive nature probably wouldn't be as noticeable. 

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