Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tarot Readings Now Available!

I have been studying tarot for two years now, through a wonderful online school I am enrolled in called The Magicka School and also through personal study. I've collected a number of books on the subject, taken one-time online classes, read I don't know how many website articles and personal blogs about the cards, and have finally decided I just need to practice to get better.

So I am offering very inexpensive tarot readings through my Etsy shop Dark Beauty Boutique and here on my blog. I am not sure how long these prices will stay this low, but I hope to get a number of readings under my belt before offering a wider range of spreads and options. Currently I will be using the Radiant Rider-Waite deck for these tarot, but later on will make several other decks available.

 For these readings, I will e-mail a PDF with a picture of the cards in the spread, and a detailed analysis of the readings.

I hope for this to be a great learning experience and a fun exercise in tarot!
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