Friday, December 14, 2012

Book Review No. 11

I just finished up reading "Under the Dome" by Stephen King. This was a big book, I think about 900 pages, but it didn't really seem like a "big book". I love reading, and I get through a few books a week, but something about high page numbers daunt me. Weird, I know, but committing to a book that is nearly 1000 pages, I don't like it.

Anyway, this book was very interesting. I am not a "huge" Stephen King fan, I have read several of his books with mixed thoughts. Some are very good, some I just didn't understand. But hey, its Stephen King, and this book was recommended to me, so I thought I would give it a chance.

The short: A mysterious, impenetrable dome falls down on this small town in Maine, leaving all the citizens inside, unable to leave. The dome is only slightly permeable to air and water. Unfortunately instead of working together, certain members of the community try to take advantage of the precarious situation, and a struggle for leadership is a major issue in town. There are good guys, bad guys, and some people you just are sure who's side they are on.

I did enjoy the book, and I honestly think it is a good representation of what would actually happen if something like this were to occur. The stress of being in that situation would be high, but people being people, I can see a power-struggle, and instead of helping each-other it would be chaos.

Some of the characters you flat out hate (but your supposed to, they are the "bad" guys). King does a great job of giving you many characters to follow, but he makes it easy. I did get lost a time or two, since there is a long list of characters, but I usually figured out who he was referring to in a paragraph or two. The characters really make the book, and he did a great job making them realistic.

I'd recommend this book to any who likes suspense, sci-fi, and thrillers. It isn't really horror to me, sure horrible things happen, but I put it more in the suspense genre. Oh and I guess they are making this in to a tv miniseries, so you might want to check it out before it airs!

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