Thursday, December 7, 2017

Book Review No. 51 - Darkly Skewed by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Well hello December. Where did November go? It passed by so quick, and with the holidays upon us, time really flies.

I have a great novella to review this week, it is "Darkly Skewed" by Natalie-Nicole Bates. I have the privilege of knowing this author, so I am please to be able to review her work. This is the first in a series of books based on a dark, devilish carnival. This book is set at the turn on the early 1900's, a time period I love to read about.
This book is definitely for mature romance readers, so if you are more into the softer romance, this may not be for you. I thoroughly enjoyed this novella, and had it read in less than two days. This has a great paranormal side to it, which I think makes adds to it, as I like the darker stories. The main character's name is Shaun, and not only is he haunted by his past he's also been transformed into something more than human.

He hides his identity away in the carnival, using the disguise of a clown to interact with their customers without frightening them away. Night after night, he hides away until he meets and falls in love with an intriguing woman named Kyrie, who is drawn to the carnival. So much stands in their way, but will love overcome their challenges? 

Like any good romance, there is longing and lust, with some roadblocks in their way. I enjoyed this book, like I enjoy all of Ms. Bates books. She is fantastic at crafting characters with interesting backstories. This book loosely ties in with another series she writes for called The Albion, which I highly recommend.
Her website is:
You can order her e-books (and some in paperback) from Amazon and Leap of Faith Publishing

I cannot recommend her work enough, she covers a large range of topics in her romance novels. Some set in modern day, while others are more supernatural in nature. Not all are rated R, but I like my romance novels spicy!

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