Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tarot Review - The DruidCraft Tarot

Welcome back. I've got another lovely tarot deck to show you today. The DruidCraft Tarot by Will Worthington, Philip Carr-Gomm and Stephanie Carr-Gomm is a well thought-out and executed Celtic, druid, pagan deck.  As druids, Philip and Stephanie provide an authentic perspective to the deck that gives depth to the imagery and book. It first come out in 2005, and although that was some time ago this is an easy to find deck.
Box set art
I'm partial to Celtic traditions, so this deck felt right at home. If you don't really care for Celtic imagery or history, or heavily nature inspired art, this may not be a deck you enjoy working with. The cards are nice stock, not too shiny but not too matte. They are larger than most other decks, which makes the images really pop but can be hard to shuffle for some people.
 The DruidCraft Book and Deck Back

The book is well written, with lots of information about the imagery and how it relates to the card. The pretty maroon deck backs allow for reversals with its simple, but elegant design. I don't really care for the copyright being right on the back, but at least its on both top and bottom making reversals possible. There are several changes to the RWS system, especially in the Major Arcana, so the book is helpful with exploring these new aspects. The book also groups Minor Arcana cards by number, instead of by suite, an interesting and useful setup. Not only is it easier to find the card, but you can compare and contrast the cards easier this way.

Major Arcana
The Minor Arcana follows close to the RWS decks, with some deviations. The court cards do not have Pages, but have Princess cards. Personally, I like this arrangement better in tarot decks, it evens out the masculine and feminine energies of the cards. 
 Minor Acana
 Minor Arcana - Aces
This is not a frou-frou deck. There is a balance of dark and light imagery, great for every day reads, meditations and shadow work. The larger sized cards make seeing the details easier, and also helps if you used your deck for meditation or spell work purposes. This deck is full of symbols, so if you are more of an intuitive reader, this will be feast for your eyes.
I can easily see this becoming a staple in my tarot arsenal. Some people tie certain decks to certain seasons. I definitely get a summer and autumn vibe, is you work with seasonal decks. 
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