Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tarot Tales: Card of the Day

Learning the meaning of 78 tarot cards can be intimating. One way to really delve into the cards is to take a tarot card a day (or every few days, or week, or heck a tarot card a month) and concentrate on learning about that card.
Set aside an hour (or more), get your handy tarot journal out and fill a page with the information you find. Take your tarot deck and pick a card. You can do this anyway you want, start with Minor Arcana or Major Arcana, Aces to 10s, Random. However you like!
Write as in-depth or as short of entry as you want.
What you might want to include:
Date, time, and moon phase of the card draw
The card
Traditional meanings 
Astral associations 
 Symbolism in the card
You can also include:
How that card makes you feel
What you think about it
What does the imagery mean to you
Make sure to leave room so you can add more information as you go. As you progress with tarot, the cards may take on new meanings and you will want to go back a add this to your entry.
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